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69% of listeners prefer to purchase products and services from public radio sponsors.1 “OPB is the ONLY place our name is heard or seen that brings us tangible results!  People come in all the time, buy books and thank us for our support. So, a good thing goes both ways...” Valerie Ryan - Cannon Beach Book Company and Oregon Independent Booksellers Association

77% of listeners have taken action in response to a public radio sponsorship message.1“I have a reference sheet that I give to potential clients when I talk with them about working on their house. I recently handed it to guy I was talking to about a bid and he said, ‘I don’t need that, we heard you on OPB this morning, and that’s enough for us.’” Michael Wieber - President, NW Seismic

71% of viewers say companies who sponsor PBS provide a valuable public service.2“Schwabe has a strong commitment to the community. The comments we hear with respect to our partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting are by far the most positive of any we receive.”Mark Long - Managing Partner, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

1.Lightspeed Research, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, March 2019.  2. Commercialism Research City Square Associates, January-February 2016

How Sponsorship Works

  1. We collaborate to create unique messaging based on your needs
  2. Your message resonates with our audience in a clutter-free environment
  3. Our audience takes action to support your brand

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Case Studies: Tillamook Coast and Atiyeh Bros.

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