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Portland Hip Hop Artists Provide Soundtrack For Protests

Portland hip-hop artists Mic Crenshaw, Karma Rivera and C3 the Guru have performed at Black Lives Matter protests and block parties over the past few weeks. They all believe that music can be a revolutionary tool for BIPOC liberation from white supremacy, as well as an expression of Black joy, or a way to celebrate Black culture and history.


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Miss Gay Oregon Advocates For Portland’s Queer, Black Entertainers

This year, Pride Month falls in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and a worldwide uprising against police violence toward Black people. Many pride parades and in-person celebrations have been canceled. For Flawless Shade, a Black, queer entertainer who is also Miss Gay Oregon, this year’s Pride Month is about fighting for the rights of her community.

News Roundtable | Outlaw Departure | REBROADCAST: Nick Fish

We take up some of the biggest news of the week on our news roundtable. Also, Portland has a new police chief. And we listen back to an interview with Portland Commissioner Nick Fish, who died Thursday, about his father's role in Nixon's impeachment process.

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